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There are two types of online auction description: plain text and html. Plain text is merely a chunk of unformatted text, and can be hard to read through if the description is long. Html descriptions, however, support custom fonts, colors, formatting, etc. in addition to incorporated images and graphics. They look better, can be organized much more practically, and allow you to include a lot of information without being hard to read. Here's a side-by-side comparison:

So why doesn't everyone use html for their descriptions? Not everyone knows how, or is willing to spend the time, to produce html descriptions.

That's where auctions.brianfrantz.com comes in. With easy-to-use html auction templates for online sellers to use for free, both reasons not to use html in your auction description are eliminated. So improve the look and functionality of your online auction now by using auctions.brianfrantz.com. Get started by clicking "Create Auction Description" above.

Note: At this time only auction sites that allow complete HTML pages are supported. The chief one of these is Ebay. Amazon and Yahoo auctions do not allow complete HTML pages in their descriptions, so at this time our templates do not work with either of those auction sites. Depending on the success of this site, support for those sites may be added in the future.

About our templates:

  • FREE!
  • No registration! You don't even have to give your name!
  • Descriptions easy to make - just fill in the blanks!
  • Descriptions easy to implement - just cut and paste the code into the auction description blank when you list your item.
  • Keep a hard copy of your auction html for re-use by having it emailed to yourself.
  • Advanced optional functions such as CSS link rollovers and image incorporation.
  • Multiple auction styles to choose from.
  • And once again, FREE!
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